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Dick Olenych
JOE SAILS - A Business Behavioral Novel JOE SAILS
A Business
Behavioral Novel

Joe Sails is a story
about improving customer service by elevating employees' core
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Joe Sails
Even though this book is fiction, it mirrors just about every business in America today. We are managing activities and losing focus on acceptable behaviors. By concentrating only on end results we are affecting the way business gets done to the detriment of all else.

Employees’ core competencies must take priority and center stage in order to truly regain our customers’ confidence. Changing core competencies is pivotal to cascading success throughout an organization.

But how do you go about changing someone's core competencies? How do you pull them to the level of excellence that is needed today?

Changing employees’ business behavior is a monumental task. It cannot easily be done by conventional means. Slogans and marketing programs will help, but they are usually only a blanket covering the real issue.

That issue is the transformation of an organization at the root level -- the employee. In most cases, employees will not realize that their core competencies are lacking simply by introducing another new program. And if they don’t know that something is wrong, they will not know to improve it.

Joe Sails is a story about improving an employee’s core competencies. The story is the catalyst for change in a business.

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