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Dick Olenych
JOE SAILS - A Business Behavioral Novel JOE SAILS
A Business
Behavioral Novel

Joe Sails is a story
about improving customer service by elevating employees' core

"Joe Sails, is at its heart a tool to measure the competence of employees and managers everywhere. It's also a book that offers a very unique and fresh approach to training employees in any field, given that it's a story about a young, fictional senior salesperson for Acme, you know, that familiar name for generic businesses or corporations throughout the globe, and especially Roadrunner cartoons.

"Joe is a man who reacts to the things that happen around him instead of being proactive and making changes that would enhance his success in the work place. Through the fictitious Joe, the reader is shown what kind of an employee not to be - and that it is often the employee who has the power to encourage or discourage repeat business from potential customers.

"Basically, Joe Sails could and should be used as a training tool - every new employee from the local McDonald's chain to large corporations should have access to the lessons and guidelines broached within the often-humorous pages of this book.

" Author Dick Olenych has attempted, and succeeded, in getting to the heart of many customer complaints in today's workforce, identifying them and offering strategies and suggestions to eradicate those complaints.

" Often, the desire for the end result has led to a lack of communication from employer to employee as to what is expected of them in the workforce: proper attitude, courtesy and helpfulness.

" The author's professional yet friendly writing style makes for an incredibly fast and smooth read for every academic level, and his quest to encourage employee competence will appeal to all levels of employees from every branch of the work force.”

Denise M. Clark

Denise’s Pieces Book Reviews

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About Dick Olenych
Dick Olenych is a speaker, writer and author who specializes in customer retention, customer support, customer loyalty, customer care, customer experience, customer satisfaction, customer service training, employee communication, employee motivation, employee performance, employee training, sales tips, sales advice, increase sales, and change management for businesses in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, Richmond, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Washington, D.C. His is a customer service expert, customer service keynote speaker, and author of the business book Joe Sails.

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